Minting Baby Penguins!!

Baby Penguins are NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. Each of these 6,000 Baby Penguins has attributes that make them unique according to a difined rarity system

Mint Your NFTs

Road Map

Phase 1
Preparation - Completed!

1) Artwork curation complete
2) Baby Pixel Penguins website design and launch
3) Crystallization of Rarity and Traits
4) DEVELOP Fair and Transparent Minting Process for all 6,000 characters

Phase 2
NFT Giveaway - Completed!

1) NFT Giveaway 25th November

Phase 3
MAIN SALE Launch in Progress

1) MAIN SALE MINTING 1th December
On Polygon Network, Main sale price 5 Matic each.

Phase 4
Money Giveaway!

1) After SOLD OUT ONE of YOU Will GET $1500 LIVE!!

Phase 5

1) Whitelist entry to exclusive parties and events held by Baby Pixel Penguins.
2) Baby Penguin charitable donations and community projects launch
3) Secondary product announcement with community members prior
4) All Baby Penguins NFT holders are whitelisted
for future Baby Pixel projects

Type Of Rarity

Choose Your






$BABYP Common







Let's Help The Penguins

25% Of The Funds Raised Will Be Donated To Help Our Little Ones

Mint Your NFTs